Special Session 5

New trends in education in instrumentation and measurement



Nowadays, many new technologies offer and require new metrological services, opening new opportunities for professionals and researchers. These latest findings in instrumentation and measurement impose new educational models and methodologies to raise awareness in youth of the new available measurement tools and the new scenarios and opportunities that they open.

The special session “New trends in education in instrumentation and measurement” is trying to examine common ideas and directions between different contemporary educational efforts to teach modern instrumentation and measurement effectively. The special session will collect scientific expertise emphasizing the basics, the contents of I&M-related courses, and the various technology-based tools for teaching. The goal is to give a set of triggering contributions useful to the interested teachers of I&M related courses anywhere in the world.


Francesco Lamonaca, University of Sannio, Italy (flamonaca@unisannio.it)
Francesco Picariello, University of Sannio (fpicariello@unisannio.it)
Mariella Riccio, University of Sannio (riccio@unisannio.it)