Special Session 2

Optical fiber sensors in measurement systems and their application fields



Distributed and point sensing techniques in optical fibers are used in a large variety of measurement applications. Optical fiber sensors are, nowadays, exploited in numerous important fields, including pharmaceutical researches, medical diagnostics, environmental monitoring, structural health monitoring, physical parameters detection, industrial applications, food safety and security, whenever fast, portable, low cost and/or rugged devices are needed for detection and identification.

In general, the optical fiber for sensing applications can be a glass one, a specialty one or a plastic one (POF). For example, the POFs are especially advantageous due to their excellent flexibility, low-cost, easy manipulation, great numerical aperture, large diameter, and the fact that plastic is able to withstand smaller bend radii than glass.

The aim of this Special Session is to bring together researchers active in the innovative developments of transducer schemes, smart materials and receptors, nanostructures and applications of sensor systems realized exploiting Optical Fibers. Works addressing the wide aspects of this technology are sought, including but not limited to, recent developments in: New measurement schemes based on distributed and point sensing in optical fibers, hybrid devices, novel experimental setup to improve the sensitivity, the miniaturization and the multiplexing capabilities, new bio/chemical receptors for optical fiber sensor systems with relative applications, new specialty optical fibers for sensing and new applications as well.

Invited Speaker

Rogerio Nogueira, General Director of Creative Science Park 

Invited Speaker Presentation Topic

Plastic optical fibers and applications to sensors

Organizers and Contact Information

Nunzio Cennamo, University of Campania "Luigi Vanvitelli," (nunzio.cennamo@unicampania.it)
Aldo Minardo, University of Campania "Luigi Vanvitelli"

Invited Presentation


Plastic optical fibers and applications to sensors


Plastic Optical FIbers (POF) have interesting properties for sensing, over silica based optical fibers, due to their mechanical properties. Recent advances in the writing process of Fiber Bragg Gratings (FBG) in POF have allowed the production of high quality FBGs in reduced time, opening new possibility for applications in telecommunications but also sensors. Processing techniques to improve the performance, such as end face processing to minimize losses have also being pursued. This paper reviews the recent advances on these techniques, but also on others, such as intensity based sensors and their potential for optical sensing.




Rogerio Nogueira was invited professor at Universidade de Aveiro and Innovation Manager at Nokia Siemens Networks and then Coriant (Portugal). He was Principal Research Scientist at Instituto de Telecomunicações, coordinating several projects financed by national, EU organizations and private companies. He has been involved in the organization and technical committees of several international conferences related to photonics and has co-authored more than 400 publications, including book chapters, patents and international scientific journals and conferences. His research interests include design and production of optical components, optical sensors and fiber optical communication systems. Dr. Nogueira has also founded Watgrid, a company dedicated to optical sensors. He is General Director of Creative Science Park in Aveiro, Portugal, since 2015 and vice-president of the Portuguese Optical Society.