Special Session 15

Industry-driven innovations in instrumentation and measurements: disruptive achievements of
startups, small and large businesses



In this Special Session, we seek to unite the industry at large and the IEEE I2MTC community to share and discuss significant advancements in instrumentation and measurements. In an era where academic-industrial partnerships are dramatically growing, it is important for the engineering and scientific community to open its doors to showcase the most disruptive industry-developed technologies and foster further collaborations.

R&D industry of any size and sector, from start-ups to large corporations, is invited to submit
contributions in the following areas:

  • Biomedical instrumentation and sensors
  • Oil and gas instrumentation and measurements
  • Aerospace sensors and measurement systems
  • Infrastructure and civil engineering measurements
  • Real time and remote sensing and measurements
  • Energy measurements for smart grid and renewables
  • Cyber and infrastructure security measurements

Of relevance, this Special Session is paired to an Expert Panel Session where opportunities and success stories in the world of startups and small businesses will be discussed with a unique group of successful engineers-entrepreneurs, angel investors and technology leaders.


Organizer and Contact Information

Luca Pollonini, University of Houston, lpollonini@uh.edu