Special Session 14

New Power Quality measurement issues in modern power systems



Although the improvement of Power Quality (PQ) is one of the predefined goals of Smart Grids (SG), especially in terms of service continuity and voltage profile, the first experimental implementations have put in evidence how SG characteristics (high variability of local generation, reduced inertia due to static converters mediated energy transfer, the increased role played by energy storage, mobile use of energy, etc.) can make some of the PQ phenomena critical for grid operation; moreover, some of them (voltage fluctuations, dips, as well as harmonic and inter-harmonic distortion) can trigger new types of disturbances, such as those related the so-called supra-harmonics.

The goal of the proposed special session is to gather experts and practitioners from academia and industry to discuss the need for advanced measurement solutions for an accurate detection and characterization of PQ phenomena, in view of designing appropriate control.

Topics of Interest

  • detection of PQ disturbances
  • classification of PQ disturbances
  • voltage and current sensors for PQ measurements
  • new standards on PQ measurements
  • synchronized measurements at non-system frequency
  • measurement uncertainty evaluation in PQ monitoring
  • measurements and techniques for harmonic state estimation
  • others


Organizers and Contact Information

Mihaela Albu, Politehnica University of Bucharest (albu@ieee.org) and Carlo Muscas, Università di Cagliari (carlo@diee.unica.it)