Special Session 11

Healthcare in Smart Cities



The increased healthcare population demands mainly in the countries impacted by the aging population requires the development and implementation of new sensing and instrumentation for environments that support daily activities of the human users. Electronic health (e-Health), mobile health (m-Health) solutions may be nowadays improved and augmented in the context of smart cities developments. The use of smart instrumentation and Internet of Things (IoT) for health services and city services may have enormous potential for services optimization and the creation of new user centered services based on instrumented environments.

The aim of this special session is to explore recent advances in modern instrumentation and measurements for healthcare in smart cities and to identify the challenges and opportunities that this research areas will face in the near future. An important progress in e-Health or m-Health may be tailoring environments such as homes, physical rehabilitation clinics, nurse houses to the user needs through instrumented daily used objects. The remote monitoring of patients, the physical rehabilitation based on virtual and augmented reality environments are examples in which distributed sensing and instrumentation, IoT could contribute to reduce the costs of healthcare systems and also to improve the quality of life of patients. The aim of this special session is to provide a wide overview of the present state-of-art about e-Health or m-Health technologies that may provide quality based healthcare in smart cities. Prospective authors are invited to submit original technical papers dealing with research related to the following topics (but not limited to):

  • Instrumentation in smart home
  • Tailored environments for physical therapy
  • Instrumentation for ambient assisted living
  • Sensors and instrumentation for e-health and  m-health
  • Wearable devices for smart-health (s-health)
  • s-health and ambient assisted living
  • Instrumented objects for smart environments
  • Wireless sensors network for smart healthcare
  • Serious for healthcare based on virtual reality and augmented reality
  • Interoperability between m-health, s-health and smart environments
  • IoT and  Cloud infrastructures for smart environments and smart healthcare


Organizer and Contact Information

Dr. Octavian Postolache, IEEE IMS TC-13 chair, Instituto Universitario de Lisboa, ISCTE-IUL and Instituto de Telecomunicacoes, Lisbon, Portugal (opostolache@lx.it.pt)