Panel Member: Alan Steele

Alan Steele

Chief Metrologist National Research Council of Canada


Dr. Steele has helped the NRC’s team of metrologists position Canada as a world leader in measurement science and metrology. His foresight and tact has allowed him to leverage the scientific achievements of the NRC’s national metrology institute to guide international decisions. Further, he supported and directed top measurement scientists at the NRC whose results in linking the Planck constant to the mass of the International Prototype of the kilogram are now world leading. Dr. Steele’s leadership and stewardship of measurement science activities have improved and enhanced exports through international acceptance of Canadian measurements, and ensured the health and prosperity of our citizens and industries through the provision of accurate, reliable, and trusted measurement services.



The International System of Units provides the common and universal basis for measurement traceability: instruments calibrated to this standard give results that are consistent, trusted, and comparable. New developments in precision metrology have set the stage for improved definitions of the kilogram, ampere, kelvin, and mole. Although the change will largely ‎go unnoticed, users at the very highest levels of precision will benefit from this important and basic change to the way we think of the units themselves.