IEEE Sensor and Measurement Student Contest

Welcome to the IEEE International Sensors and Measurement Systems Student Contest (IEEE IS&M-SC)! This international competition addresses Master’s and Ph.D. students and aims to stimulate submissions of innovative ideas for applications in the area of sensors and measurement systems.

Please find the listing of teams and their projects below:

  1. "GOOFY, Smart sensor for golfers"
    Alessio Gullino, Leonardi Iannucci, Luca Lombardo (Politecnico di Torino)
  2. "High resolution polarization Sensor for tumor detection"
    Mahboobeh Mahmoodi, Ms. Manzoor, Cody Edwards  (Missouri UST)
  3. "Cloud Enabled Mobile Sensing Agent for Smart Agriculture"
    Junchi Bin, Chengkai Zhang (University of British Columbia)
  4. "Development of blood urea and uric acid meter with disposable impediometric paper sensor"
    Asmita Bose, Avishek Adhikary (IIT Kharagpur)
  5. "Drone Instantaneous Control by Voice and Gesture"
    Igor Dranitsky, Dmitry Ermilov, Leonid Kupchenko, Alexander Menshchikov (Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology)
  6. "POLYTILE: Self-Compensating IMU Exploiting Redundant Configuration on Regular POLYhedron of SensorTILEs"
    Rita Fontanella, Raffaele Ruggiero, Guido Di Girolamo Faraone, Giorgio de Alteriis, Chiara Caputi  (Università di Napoli Federico II)
  7. "Free-flying balloon used as test bed for sensor data fusion application in indoor navigation and target following"
    Marco Carratù, Salvatore Dello Iacono (Università di Salerno)
  8. "Continuous Parkinson's Disease Patient Monitoring System"
    Ava Hedayatipour, Rania Oueslati (University of Tennessee)
  9. "Design an intelligent piano learning assistant (IPLA)"
    Yuan Liu, Jian (Jay) Guo, Sen Wang (Western New England)

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