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Zurich Instruments is a test and measurement company based in Zurich, Switzerland, developing and selling measurement instruments and delivering customer support in key markets around the world, either directly or with carefully selected partners. We are a growing, independent and founder-led company.

Zurich Instruments makes cutting-edge instrumentation for scientists and technologists in advanced labs who are passionate about phenomena that are often notoriously difficult to measure. Our core offering includes lock-in amplifiers, phase-locked loops, arbitrary waveform generator, impedance analyzers, digitizers and boxcar averagers.

We believe that system integration is good. We believe that system integration leads to significant time savings, reduced lab setup complexity, efficient workflows and reliable, accurate measurements.

Pickering Interfaces designs and manufactures modular signal switching and simulation for use in electronic test and verification. We offer the largest range of switching and simulation products in the industry for PXI,  LXI and PCI applications. Our products are specified in test systems installed throughout the world and have a reputation for providing excellent reliability and value.



Optosensing is an academic spin-off whose aim is to produce and exploit distributed optical fiber systems.

It originates from the collaboration of researchers working in the domains of electronic, civil and environmental engineering, and of the Company, active in the domain of civil and industrial monitoring. The initiative’s main goal is to integrate the knowledge and expertise acquired with both advanced academic research and practical applications in the construction industry, in order to develop and produce innovative, reliable and non-expensive monitoring products. 

The main aim of Optosensing is to offer all services associated with monitoring activity, whose relevance in every sector of the construction industry and environmental protection is immense today: from the design and production of targeted sensors, to their installation in the field or to man-made works, from system management and maintaining, to measurement and readings elaboration and interpretation.

The attainment of the established goals is guaranteed by the expertise of the company’s associates whose experience and international consideration in the concerned domains are renowned.

Sensors (ISSN 1424-8220) provides an advanced forum for the science and technology of sensors and biosensors. It publishes reviews (including comprehensive reviews on the complete sensors products), regular research papers and short notes. Our aim is to encourage scientists to publish their experimental and theoretical results in as much detail as possible. There is no restriction on the length of the papers. The full experimental details must be provided so that the results can be reproduced. There are, in addition, two unique features of this Journal:

  • Manuscripts regarding research proposals and research ideas will be particularly welcomed.
  • Electronic files and software regarding the full details of the calculation and experimental procedure, if unable to be published in a normal way, can be deposited as supplementary material.
  • We also accept manuscripts communicating to a broader audience with regard to research projects financed with public funds.

River Publishers is active in many areas of Science and Technology, and we publish peer reviewed research books and journals in these fields. We pride ourselves by being flexible in our approach towards publishing and copyrights, internationally oriented, author and client friendly, and our content is indexed in leading databases such as the Web of Science Book Citation Index and Scopus. We welcome new book proposals on innovative research, and invite readers to visit our portfolio of regular and Open Access book and journals at:

Texas Research Institute Austin, Inc. (TRI Austin) conducts innovative research, development, and technology transition in the area of advanced materials development and materials testing. Our highly qualified staff of engineers and scientists specialize in the areas of nondestructive evaluation, structural health monitoring, engineering design, modeling and analysis, chemical synthesis, development of custom polymer materials and composites, reliability engineering and accelerated life testing. These areas of focus require experts in the fields of engineering (mechanical, chemical, electrical, software etc.), chemistry, and physics. We have fully equipped laboratories to accommodate a wide range of capabilities that our staff utilizes to meet unique customer needs and requirements worldwide.