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Call for "Hot off the labs": Recent results @ IEEE I2MTC 2018

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MAY 14-17, 2018


Houston, Texas, USA

Call for Papers

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2018 International Instrumentation and Measurement Technology Conference

The IEEE I2MTC ‚Äď International Instrumentation and Measurement Technology Conference ‚Äď is the flagship conference of the IEEE Instrumentation and Measurement Society, and is dedicated to advances in measurement methodologies, measurement systems, instrumentation, and sensors in all areas of science and technology. These features make I2MTC a unique event and one of the most important conferences in the field of instrumentation and measurement.

IEEE I2MTC is proposed as a catalyst to promote interactions between industry and academia. A wide spectrum of research results will be presented, with potential practical applications in current industrial technology, as well as industry and application driven developments.

The IEEE I2MTC conference has been held around the world every year since 1986, and in 2018 it will take place in Houston, TX, USA. The conference gathers more than 400 attendees every year including delegates from academia, undergraduate, graduate and PhD students, researchers, and professionals from industry with different technology backgrounds.

Call for "Hot off the labs": Recent results @ IEEE I2MTC 2018

We invite you to submit your Extended Abstract of maximum three pages to the I2MTC 2018 Late Results track.

Each paper must be within the scope and topics of I2MTC 2018, follow the same formatting guidelines provided on the I2MTC 2018 website, explain the significance of the technologies/methods/applications in the paper, and contain a list of key references.

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Our thoughts go out to the people of Houston, Texas during these difficult times, dealing with the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey.  For those who may wonder whether I2MTC 2018 will still be held in Houston, we wish to reaffirm that the venue is undamaged, and that we are committed to proceeding with Houston as the host city for I2MTC 2018, supporting the people and City of Houston and the local businesses with our attendance.

If you are outside of the area affected by Hurricane Harvey, and would like to help, we invite you to donate to one of the following organizations (or others of your own choice helping the affected communities):

Conference Topics

  • Measurement systems and methods for medical, biomedical and healthcare.
  • Micro and Nanotechnology in Instrumentation and measurement
  • Measurement for electric and magnetic quantities
  • Internet of things, Wireless sensors networks
  • Measurement Systems and Theory
  • Metrology and applications
  • Advances in modern instrumentation
  • Data acquisition systems
  • Real-time measurement systems
  • Measurements for society and welfare
  • Measurement for aerospace
  • Optical measurement system, Fiber Optic measurements
  • Image and signal processing techniques in measurement
  • Sensors and transducers,¬†Microsensors,¬†Sensor fusion
  • Virtual measurement systems and soft sensors
  • Non-invasive measurement methods and systems
  • Measurements problems in robotics
  • Mechanical measurements
  • Big Data and Metrology
  • Measurement for Food Safety
  • Low power measurement devices
  • Measurement in industrial applications,¬†Industry 4.0
  • Measurement for Energy and Power
  • Measurement systems for Oil and Drill industry

Please visit the Organizers Page for a comprehensive list of tracks.

Announcements & Initiatives

Industry Day Abstracts

I2MTC 2018 conference spans research, development and applications in the field of instrumentation and measurement science and technology. To enhance industry engagement and increase exchange between industry members, as well as between industry and academic members, an Industry Day Special Event is being organized at I2MTC 2018.

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Ask an Industry Expert

All I2MTC 2018 Conference participants are invited to submit questions to our Industry patrons.  Questions should be relevant to instrumentation or measurement challenges that need to be addressed in the next 3-5 years or insights into their vision for a specific topic beyond 5 years.

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Exhibitor & Patron Opportunities

This event is the premier opportunity for companies to reach the global thought leaders in instrumentation and measurement - to market products and services to engineers developing instrumentation and control systems and academic researchers developing the next generation of sensors, measurement techniques and standards.

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Sensors & Measurement Student Contest

This international competition addresses Master’s and Ph.D. students and aims to stimulate submissions of innovative ideas for applications in the area of sensors and measurement systems.

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TIM @ I2MTC 2018

Authors of all papers published or e-published during 2017 in the IEEE Transaction on Instrumentation and Measurement (TIM) are welcome to present their TIM paper at I2MTC 2018 in the Special Poster Session ‚ÄúI&M Transaction papers @ I2MTC‚ÄĚ.

Authors who want to take advantage of this opportunity will have to register their poster in the dedicated section of the conference website. No review is required for the poster, and normal registration rules apply.

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I&M Patents

Authors of patents issued in the past three years on subjects of interest for the I&M community have the opportunity to participate to the Special Poster Session ‚ÄúI&M Patents @ I2MTC‚ÄĚ dedicated to the Dissemination of I&M Patents. Those interested will have to register according to the conference‚Äôs normal registration rules and must attend the poster session. No review is needed for the poster.

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TIM Special Issue

The I²MTC 2018 Special Issue of IEEE Transactions on Instrumentation and Measurement, intended to promote results presented at I²MTC 2018, will be published in May 2019.

The I²MTC 2018 Special Issue will contain papers selected on the basis of the results of regular peer review of the manuscripts submitted for consideration by the participants of I²MTC 2018. Each manuscript shall be within the SCOPE of the IEEE Transactions on Instrumentation and Measurement (click to see Scope of Transactions) and based on a paper published in the I²MTC 2018 Proceedings and presented at I²MTC 2018.

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